Tuesday, August 11, 2009

There is a FIRST time for everything!!

On August 3rd Lk, Sydney and I began Syd's first Road Trip and her first BEACH trip! Sydney was packed in the middle of Lk's car with bags piled so high next to her we had to pull her out of the car through the front seats!! Bringing a child along adds SO much luggage! Diapers, toys, books, snacks, juice, jog stroller...

[Syd packed in and ready to go]

Once we got on the road Sydney did WONDERFUL! She barely cried at all the entire five hour car ride! She fell asleep the first two hours and Lk and I had a sing-a-long marathon! We also played "I'm going on a picnic and I am going to bring..." haha!

[first arriving at the beach]
We arrived at the beach around eight at night. Sydney wanted to stay on the beach all night long. If you look in the above pic the white house to the right is where we stayed! RIGHT ON THE FREAKING BEACH!! WOOT!

[Syd and John David wathcing Monster's Inc.]

Sydney LOVED loved LOVED the beach!

[Syd at the beach. Notice the sand ALL OVER HER FACE!]

[on the way home keeping entertained with dollar store toys]
MOM NUGGET ALERT: My mother gave me a great idea from her own experiences of going on road trips with not one but THREE kids! 18 months apart! If you are a mom ESPECIALLY if you have more than one child write this down. Go to the dollar store before the trip and get a little toy for each hour you will be in the car. We were in the car for around five hours so I spent ten dollars and got toys for the way down and the way back. Each hour or two give your child a new toy to play and you will have a happy child all the way there! (now my mom would wrap each present so we could open them like a real present but I thought that would end up in a lot of trash/mess). It worked like a charm for Sydney. VIP NOTE: if you have more than one child you want to make sure and make all of the kids presents EXACTLY the same or this plan could have WWIII potential and the entire car ride will be fighting over toys. DO. NOT . WANT.

[Syd tuckered out]

The beach was a blast!! I am SO proud of myself because I made a goal of getting up with Sydney each morning and running at least two miles! Mission completion! I got up each morning and did my time! I felt so good afterward eventhough it was so flipping humid I was breathing in buckets of water. Plus, it was B-E-A-utiful running at the beach while the sun was comming up.

Now we are back and I spent all day today cleaning and washing clothes! ugh! When I was little when someone would ask my mom what her hobby was she would always say laundry! hah!
Tommorow is Sydney's FIRST day of preschool! I know I am going to get in the car after dropping her off with tears streaming down my face. Today she told me that she was growing up!! AH! Too Soon! She is only two! I am sure I will get used to it after a few weeks but it will be sad to drop her off ALL day! I start school on Monday too. I am taking three classes and two labs! I will be living under a homework rock this semester. uggh.
To wrap up, August has been a month of firsts. So far so good! I have to go pack Sydney's lunch in her Disney Princess lunch box! I kind of wish that it was MY lunch box... :)


  1. Christina! It sounds like you had a really good time at the beach! Where did you two go? I cannot believe how grown up she is looking. I love reading about you two on here. Love you and miss you my dear!

  2. LOVE the dollar store idea! I'm gonna take that idea and store it away until our next trip. :) Good for you getting your exercise in -- I'm struggling with that like whoa. Must. Exercise!