Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Muddy Buddy 2009

The pictures are finally ready from the 5K race Mike and I ran on June 20th!!!
If I have not already told you about this race here is the down low.
It is called MUDDY BUDDY. The reason for that is because after you and your partner bike and run six-ish miles you both have to crawl through a MUD PIT! Wooo!

It works like this... I [the slower runner] ride the bike first for a mile to the first obstacle. Mike begins running about 6 minutes behind me. When I arrive at the first obstacle I drop the bike do an obstacle and begin running. When Mike gets to the first obstacle he does the obstacle picks up the bike and goes. The desired plan would be to leap frog each other until the end and then both crawl through the mud pit! wee!

[This was one of the obstacles]

[The infamous mud pit]

[Mike and I finishing! hurray!!]

This is our second year doing Muddy Buddy Atlanta. It is only the third year that Atlanta has hosted this event but it has been going on in other cities for ten years! This year we dressed up as Adam and Eve! Last year we dressed up as Raggedy Anne and Andy! I made the costumes both years! [If anyone has any good "couples" costumes for next years race let me know!]

[Before the race 2008]

[After in our Muddy Buddy goodness]

I recommend this race to any of you active people out there!! We LOVE it! It is a little pricey [$150/team] BUT it is a charity race. It helps Athletes that need prosthetic limbs.


Other than the new pictures. I only have TWO weeks left of summer semester! I am going backpacking this weekend [16 miles!!] and my 24th BIRTHDAY is comming up [August 10th ahem] !!!! I am SO old!

Sydney update: She will be starting Preschool [tears] on my Birthday! I will most likley cry everyday for a month when I drop her off. Today we went to Walmart and bought her a backpack and a lunch box! I almost cried right there in the store. ha. She is getting so old!

I know that this was a fairly lengthy blog so I will bid you farewell!
Love, Christina and Sydney

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